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PLEASE NOTE:- We’re making changes to our system for listings. At this time applications are closed and will resume when the new system is up and running.
If you sell knitted or crocheted items, we now have an option for you to be able to list your items on
We will not be taking any commissions from items you sell. (PayPal’s fees will still apply)

Do note:- This is exclusively to listing items which are knitted or crocheted. We will not allow the sales of yarn or any other products on our site.
If you’re interested in selling your products on our site, complete the form listed here: unavailable

More details:-

1. When signing up, ensure you are using a valid email so you can set a password for your account.

2. All accounts must be approved by ourselves before you can begin to list any items.

3. Any items you list must first be approved before being visible on the website.

4. Payments will require you to have a valid PayPal account to receive the payments.

5. We are working on creating a guide to help you list your items easily, no accounts will be approved until this is available for you to reference.

Full terms can be found here:

If you want to know any further details or need any help, email us: [email protected]