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Cygnet – Seriously Chunky Prints 100g

If you are looking for a super chunky yarn that is easy and fun to knit with, you might want to check out Cygnet Seriously Chunky Prints 100g. This yarn is a fabulous extension to Cygnet’s signature Seriously Chunky range. This yarn is known for its softness, durability, and versatility. Cygnet Seriously Chunky Prints 100g is a 100% acrylic yarn that comes in a gorgeous range of bright, funky shades that will add some colour and texture to your projects. Whether you want to make a cosy scarf, a stylish hat, a warm blanket, or a funky bag, this yarn will help you create something unique and eye-catching.

More details about the yarn

Cygnet Seriously Chunky Prints 100g is a super chunky yarn that has a knitting tension of 6 stitches and 9 rows per 10cm on 10-12mm needles. This means that you can knit up your projects quickly, making it ideal for beginners. It is also suitable for those who want to finish something in a short time. The yarn is also machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius, which makes it easy to care for and maintain. One ball of Cygnet Seriously Chunky Prints 100g weighs 100 grams and has a length of approximately 48 metres. Depending on the size and type of your project, you may need more than one ball to complete it.

One of the best things about Cygnet Seriously Chunky Prints 100g is the variety of colours that it offers. You can choose from seven different shades, each with a unique print effect that creates a stunning result. Some of the colours are Magpie (a mix of black, white, and grey), Mythical (a blend of purple, pink, and blue), Rainbow (a combination of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple), and Zebra (a contrast of black and white). You can use these colours to create bold and striking patterns or mix and match them to create your own customised look.

What is it suitable for?

Cygnet Seriously Chunky Prints 100g is suitable for making all kinds of chunky knit projects. These projects include scarves, hats, wraps, cardigans, blankets, cushions, and bags. You can use simple stitches or try some more advanced techniques to create different textures and effects. You can also add some embellishments like pompoms, buttons, or tassels to make your projects more fun and personalised. Here are some examples of what you can make with Cygnet Seriously Chunky Prints 100g:

  • A cosy cowl scarf that will keep you warm and stylish in the cold weather. You can use one or two balls of your favourite colour and knit in the round using a simple rib stitch.
  • A funky beanie hat that will add some flair to your outfit. You can use one ball of any colour and knit flat using a stockinette stitch. You can also add a pompom on top for extra cuteness.
  • A colourful blanket that will brighten up your sofa or bed. You can use several balls of different colours and knit in stripes using a garter stitch. You can also join the stripes together using a crochet hook or a tapestry needle.
Where can I buy it?

Click here where you can purchase Cygnet Seriously Chunky Prints 100g from our site!

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