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    Discover a crafting adventure like no other with Faircroft – Junior Shades DK 500g. The ultimate yarn choice tailored for our young artisans. This premium quality yarn is meticulously designed to ignite the imaginations of budding creators, offering endless possibilities for knitting, crocheting, and other captivating creative endeavors.

    Unleash boundless creativity with a generous 500g ball of yarn. Granting young artists the freedom to craft delightful garments and charming accessories, each project transforming into a masterpiece in the making. Glide fingers effortlessly through the smooth and soft texture of this DK yarn. A perfect companion for kids exploring the world of crafting.

    Immerse in a world of vibrant colors as the enchanting color palette of Junior Shades seamlessly blends an array of rich hues. Empowering young creators to craft eye-catching and imaginative designs. Crafted from high-quality fibers, this yarn ensures durability, preserving their cherished creations for years to come.

    Junior Shades DK 500g warmly welcomes beginners, providing the ideal launching pad for young learners to embark on their crafting journey with unwavering confidence. Its forgiving nature encourages kids to learn and progress while having fun, fostering precious bonding moments during family-friendly crafting sessions.

    Beyond sparking creativity, Junior Shades DK 500g embraces eco-conscious crafting, passionately made with sustainability in mind. This yarn instills a profound sense of responsibility towards our planet.

    Whether it’s a birthday surprise or a thoughtful present, gifting Junior Shades unfolds a world of inspiration. Witness young minds inspired to dream big and passionately express their creativity through the kaleidoscope range of colorful threads.

    Elevate your young crafter’s projects with Faircroft – Junior Shades DK 500g. Nurture a lifelong love for arts and crafts as their imagination takes flight with this exceptional yarn choice. Order now and unlock the magic of creativity for the next generation of artisans. Get yours now at Knitting Wool Sales.

    Weight0.5 kg
    Ball Length

    1500 Meters

    Ball Weight



    100% Premium Acrylic



    Needle Size


    Tension Square

    22sts & 30rows to a 10cm sq.

    Yarn Name

    Junior Shades


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